Terms & Conditions

JAMBO Athletic (hereafter also referred to as the “Company”) is a manufacturer of American Football field Equipment based in Bydgoszcz, Poland. All our sub products are also produced in the EU. The phrase 'our web site' refers to www.jamboathletic.com.


  2. Jambo Athletic products are designed with unique patents, which are formal assets of the Company. Trying to copyright any field equipment is highly prohibited and against the law.

    1. With our web site you can only place request for quotation, which is not considered as online order. Shipping charges are unique for each order and this needs to be always added to customer quotation.
    2. All requests for quotations should be sent to our e-mail address at: sales@jamboathletic.com or placed with the shopping cart feature on our web site.
    3. Once final quote is provided via email and then accepted by customer, Company issues proforma invoice. Confirmation of payment triggers production process.
  4. PRICE
    1. Prices shown on our web site are in Euros. Significant quantities of products may affect price.
    2. All prices on product pages are shown inclusive of 23% Polish VAT rate. Our EU VAT Number is PL5541803428.
    3. Providing buyer’s EU VAT number will affect in applying 0% VAT rate which lowers item price by 19,7%.
    4. For certain promotions and/or starter pack discounts we provide discount voucher codes which can be applied within the shopping cart section on our web site.
    1. Shipping services are fully outsourced by Company.
    2. Shipping price is calculated INDIVIDUALLY for each equipment set. Two key factors which affect shipping price are destination (quoted based on city postal code) and equipment set dimensions.
    3. All shipping details need to be provided together with the placed order. Details needed for carrier: full address, contact name, contact phone number, email address.
    4. The Company bears no responsibility for any consequences, financial or others, for failure of the customer to receive goods at the delivery address provided by the customer.
    5. Goods delivered by carrier (Raben, GLS, DPD) will require a signature to acknowledge receipt of the goods.
    6. If the goods are delivered and appear not in good condition, they must be signed for as received in damaged condition. Unless this is done, the Company will take no responsibility for subsequent claims in respect of damaged or faulty goods.
    7. In the event of goods being returned to the Company because of customer’s failure to receive the goods, the customer will be liable for the costs incurred in returning the goods to the Company.
    8. Any shortages/discrepancies with your order must be notified to us within 48 hours of delivery. Outside of this timescale it is deemed that you have accepted the order as delivered.
    9. All our orders are handled as DDP (INCOTERMS).
  7. All payments can be done with standard IBAN transfer. Customers will be provided with proforma invoice for their orders with Company’s Bank account details. If this solution is not convenient for you, please reach out to our local partner for support.

    1. The warranty for JAMBO Athletic equipment is:
      • 1 year for all foams and covers in economy line option,
      • 2 years for all foams and covers in premium line option,
      • 3 years for Jambo Blocking Sled and Jambo Tackle Sled systems.
    2. Warranty for JAMBO Athletic sleds - 2 years with the following disclaimers:
      1. Mechanical damage of varnish coat (paint) is not covered by the warranty - e.g. the skids worn out due to moving the sled, scratches on the sleds painted surfaces etc.
      2. The user of the equipment has the greatest influence on how long and in what condition the equipment will serve him. It is therefore important to take care and service the equipment in accordance with the instructions, and if in doubt, please contact JAMBO Athletic.

        - Do not move Blocking Sled by holding/pushing/pulling the coaching platforms
        - Do not pull, move or lift sleds holding the pads - in the case of both sleds, grab steel elements that are stable and guarantee safety of the grip while carrying it.
        - Do not jump on it with cleats, swing or bend elements that are not intended for this purpose. It may damage the equipment and the equipment may not be fully usable - e.g. avoid sitting or hanging on the pipe attached to the Tackle Sled.
      3. Lost elements are not covered by the warranty - e.g. connection screws.
    3. All equipment needs to be used in accordance to its purpose. Customers will be provided with work instructions for Jambo Blocking Sled and Jambo Tackle Sled and inappropriate usage of equipment will result in rejecting the claim. This also applies to misusage of commonly used American football field equipment such as dummies, shields, pop-up. If our products are used inappropriately, the claims will be rejected.
    4. All claims and potential damages of equipment need to be raised with detailed description, specifically on what item is damaged and preferably with pictures attached. All claims can be raised by email at office@jamboathletic.com and will be investigated.

    In accordance with art. 13 of General Data Protection Regulation of April 27, 2016 (hereafter referred to as GDPR) we, JAMBO Athletic Team, would like to inform YOU, that:

    1. the controller of your personal data will be Mrs. Hanna Spłocharska running her business under the name of PH CASTOR Hanna Spłocharska with its registered office at Kurpińskiego 12/5a, 85-096 Bydgoszcz, POLAND; e-mail address: mohawk@mohawk.pl,
    2. the controller of your personal data will be Mr. Jarosław Spłocharski running his business under the name of PH CASTOR Jarosław Spłocharski,
    3. in accordance with art. 26 pt 2 of GDPR, whole responsibility regarding fulfillment of obligations resulting from GDPR, including rights and obligations of data subjects, rests on Hanna Spłocharska,
    4. your personal data will be processed for the purpose of advertising products offered by the controller in accordance with art. 6 pt 1 letter (F) of GDPR,
    5. the recipients of your personal data will be: IT department, and contracted third parties (partners, shipping carriers),
    6. your personal data will be stored until you submit your request for erasure from our mailing list,
    7. you have a right to request from the controller access to and rectification or erasure of personal data,
    8. you have a right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority,
    9. you have a right to withdraw consent at any time.
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  12. OTHER
  13. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, or you just want to find out about our Company and what we do, email us at info@jamboathletic.com or use contact form on our web site. We will do our best to respond within next 48 working hours.