from 78.00
  • Size: 75x35x15

  • Shapes: Rectangular, Curved

  • Options: Standard Rectangular/Standard Curved/Jumbo Rectangular/Jumbo Curved

  • Personalization available

  • Color Option: Black, Royal Blue, Cobalt Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Orange

  • Waterproof equipment that can be used all year long

  • Interior made of compressive foam that absorbs energy upon contact

  • Cover made of 24oz. vinyl with a zipper that allows you to replace the foam

  • Very solid seaming that ensure esthetic touch and item’s durability

  • Superior quality confirmed by over 250 teams from 20 countries


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Hand Shield

The Jambo Hand Shield is specially designed to facilitate the teaching of effective blocking and tackling technique.  They allow players to mimic contact and therefore simulate real action scenarios. The large striking area allows for more intense contact during various drills. Hand Shields are an essential part of any field equipment set.

Superior product with wide range of use that allows you to improve both – strength and technique.

Jambo Athletic offers superior quality at a great price and is manufactured in Europe.