Equipment Bags

Equipment Bags

from 79.00
  • Size:

    • Standard 70x40x40

    • Big 85x50x50

    • Player 80x40x40

  • Options: Standard/Big/Player

  • Color Option: Black, Royal Blue, Cobalt Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Orange

  • Cover made of 24oz. vinyl with a zipper

  • Very solid seaming that ensure esthetic touch and item’s durability

  • Superior quality confirmed by over 250 teams from 20 countries


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Jambo Equipment Bags are a heavy-duty and extremely good quality.  They are specifically designed to transport heavy American football equipment.  We offer the following 3 variations:

Standard/Big Equipment Bags: great for storing cones, balls, pumps and any other team gear that gets easily misplaced

Player Equipment Bag: comfortably fits a full player equipment set, including one helmet, one pair of shoulder pads, one pair of cleats, one pair of pants, one set of leg pads, and one football.

Jambo Athletic offers superior quality at a great price and is manufactured in Europe.